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音悦V榜2012年05月 内地华语HOT10

10. 胡夏《准备好要爱》 Wu Xia – Ready For Love
09. 华语群星《跑出一片天》 Chinese Stars – Ran One Day
08. 黄英&吴彤《远歌》 Huang Ying & Wu Tong – Far Song
07. 曹轩宾《可惜不是你》 Cao Xuanbin – Unfortunately Not You
06. 双孖JL《JL》 JL Twins – JL
05. 曹轩宾《如果你爱我》 – Cao Xuanbin – If You Love Me
04. EXO-M《What Is Love》
03. EXO-M《History》
02. 张靓颖 《好不容易》 – Jane Zhang – Finally

top 10

video credits: SJZGloria@youtube

wow i like this… a lot.
this definitely helped me to be more exposed to other mainland artists. 😀
although at first i watched it because of saw JL Twins’ Leo face. xD
but glad i clicked it. C:
really love all the songs that were on the list.
especially song no.10, no.8, and no.7
btw, no.9 was a movie, but it was a promotion song for the Chinese track & Field team.
anyways, Jane Zhang no.2, so freaking talented, so not surprised about her being no.2 but thought she would be no.1.
and at that time, it’s pretty good for EXO-M to still being in the top10… dedicated fans there.


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