angry boo. global love.

Angry Boo MV teaser

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

wow… so there’s a new Seven Days… with 2 next to it.
not sure to feel good about it, or a little sad because the others aren’t there. D:
nJinny is the only original member of Seven Days.
funny they replaced nJam with her twin nNoey. XD
anyways… will wait for the full song and video i guess.

the original line-up for Seven Days was: Faye of FFK, nJinny, nPim, Jam of Neko Jump, nWaii, nMeen, and nMila.
anyways… i miss nPim and nMeen~ T.T you can listen to the song and watch the music video below. =]

Global Love MV teaser

video credits: naemae1@youtube



  1. I’m pretty bummed out they decided to replace like everyone, but still call them Seven Days…2. Like, I feel that’s a slap in the face to both the original members, like “oh, we don’t want you to come back, we’re replacing you,” and to the new members as well, like “Oh, you’re not original enough and we don’t think you’ll sell enough albums if we try to market you as a new subunit, so we’re going to give you the old one’s name and hope fans of the original group cross over to you. Now, try and fit into their shoes.”

    As for the song… Their voices aren’t spectacular, and it’s not as catchy as Pawa Lohk LUV was, I don’t know if it’ll be as successful. At least I’m pretty sure I won’t like it. xD
    And what the heck is “Angry Boo”?! They couldn’t think of a better lyric/title than that? Really? lmao -_- But I’ll still withhold judgement until the full MV comes out, I guess~

    1. i know right, that is sad. and it is a slapped to all of their faces. although they are making good music… or will producing music, it stills seems half-ass. i don’t know what Angry Boo is supposed to be, i keep thinking of Angry Birds. XD but yes, still have to wait, the song is okay for now~ but i’m not fond of them being in bathing suits and all that. -___-

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