hehe, need songs for a Wedding~
well this would be helpful. 😀
although it’s in Korean… love is its own language, no? lol
anyways, i’m glad she’s releasing something new…
but i wonder if she’s going to promote as well, and it’s already passed the 11th of May…
oh well, good luck Dia!! =]

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Dia will be releasing a love serenade album titled “Wedding” on May 11th. Her agency officials announced on the 10th that the album will be available with such songs from her previous albums and singles like “Slowly Feel My Eyes”, “하루종일 비가 내렸어 (It Rained All Day),” and “바보처럼 좋아해.” “Wedding” will be out at midnight on various online sites.

It’s great to know that she will be including a lot of her sweet ballad tracks that showcases her powerful voice. I cannot wait for the full album to release and hope that she will be able to perform this time around. Who’s excited?! =)

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