I’ve got a cute boyfriend!

Faen Naruk (Cute Boyfriend) MV

credits: gmmtvrecord@youtube

English translations can be read here. =]
i forgot all about Olives. -___-
but haha, this song is totally cute and a good song to sing to your boyfriend or lover.
although the video is really bright and looks cutesy,
the song itself doesn’t sound as cutesy and is really good on the ears.
plus, it’s addicting. haha.



  1. Every time Olives comes out with a new song, I hate it at first, then the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me haha~ GMM Grammy is really pushing them lately.
    I really like that they use traditional Thai instruments and dance in their song, makes them more Thai and not just another Kpop-imitating group 😀 I also like how they don’t abuse autotune, even if their voices aren’t the best haha
    Overall, they’re super cute, and I would check out their album when it drops 🙂

    And again thanks for the link~~ ❤

    1. oh really, i find their sound really nice and reminds me a lot of the older Tpop group with just more of an up to date feel. and i’m not use or knowledge of Thai instruments, unless it’s obvious like that in Luk Toong. but yes, i dislike the whole auto-tune. -___-
      and will definitely check for their album, although that usually gets drop like several months later after they release a few singles, right?
      and you are super welcome again. =]
      and i’m glad that Grammy is pushing them, because they need more exposure… and because i’ve been missing groups from GMM.

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