Grab me right here, at my heart!

Ruk Jup Jai (Love Grabbed Heart) MV

credits: exactchannel@youtube

English translations can be read here. =]
i didn’t know that pBie came back with a new song!!
i miss him, haven’t really paid any attention to him a long while.
my sister has like all of his lakorn except for most of his recent ones.
anyways, nNoona guests stars in the music video…
and i gotta say they look like a cute couple.
also learned they’re gonna be in a lakorn together, score!!
can’t wait for that… it’s called Koo Kum… but it’s a remake and dunno when it’s gonna air… so it’s Koo Kum 201? for now.
anyways… glad he’s back. 😀



  1. I’ve never been a fan of Bie, personally, but for some reason I really find this song catchy and adorable, and the dance is fun and energetic~ I like it, and I hate myself for it lmaooo~ And yeahh Noona’s so cute~ I hope their lakorn does well, though a bit disappointing it’s a remake.
    Thanks for the link to my blog as well!

    1. aww, really, well this one is pretty addicting. and can you tell me more about the drama that is being remade? but anyways… a lot of lakorn are always being remade nowadays. -___-

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