so J3 is now JL Twins~

JL mv

video credits: SJZGloria@youtube

read more about them here~
i only knew about them as J3 or Jboys3… but at that time, i didn’t have much information.
but now, one member left… i think by the name of Bai Ke~ not sure.
so it’s just Jason and Leo and now go by JL Twins.
the song is pretty good, and very addicting.
don’t understand what it’s about, except the English parts.
and the MV is nicely shot, i like it a lot.
what i like the most is near the end of the music video where Jason breaks out some b-boys moves, while Leo does some ballet spins, and wow… i’m jealous.
i wish i could move like that… they’re like fluid and just… smooth.



  1. I don’t know, to me this sounds/they look too much like G-Dragon (who I hate >__>), so I can’t really get into it.
    Do they have a Korean producer like Wei Chen?
    Regardless, I’ll wait for another single before I decide if I like them or not haha~

    1. haha that’s what a lot of commentors on youtube kept saying to, but ignored that fact.
      but i’m not sure if they do, but it’s a possibility.
      and yeah~ maybe the next track will be better.
      or you can check out their older stuff when they were as Jboys3. =]

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