[120609] EXO-M on Happy Camp~

FULL no subs

video credits: namja1to4@youtube

i love that Happy Camp’s intro is always different. xD
love the MCs… they are such a great bunch, and know how to lighten up the mood and are flexible and what not.
i don’t find their demeanor rude or anything…
i guess that some people just haven’t watched much of Chinese or Taiwanese variety shows. =D
anyways, there was a lot of bromance here~
and although i only understood basic words… the body language and their expressions helped enough to get the gist of things.
i love the games that they played, especially the hugging one… haha TaoRis moment. xD
anyways~ although Chen and Xiumin probably didn’t understand a majority of it, they still seem to be comfortable and had a good time.
and i can’t believe Lay was such… an open kid, i wonder what made him become a bit more reserve. XD
and Luhan… not much, but still he was adorable at some points.
i can’t wait for the subs and it’ll definitely be more funnier. XD
also wished they performed live… but it’s okay~


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