mini Evanescence phase~

ahh, i remember buying my first cd and it was Evanescence!!
so glad to get back into them… i still have the cd too. XD
but it seems that i haven’t really paid much attention to them since their first album though…
i have the 2nd album, but i don’t really know the songs on there, except Sober and Lithium… or something like that. -__-
it was back in my last year of junior high… i think, dunno, when i got into them and love the songs, although i didn’t get the lyrics much…
but now that i’m listening to it, such deep lyrics really.
anyways, these are my favorite 4 songs off of the Fallen album.

Bring Me To Life

video credits: 123berniebernie123@youtube

video credits: v94j@youtube
Everybody’s Fool

video credits: bauer094@youtube

video credits: ILuvFF7@youtube


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