[120425] EXO-M’s Interview on Music Billboard Chart~


video credits: WISHeeStar@youtube

although this has got to be the longest one… maybe?
it was still fun to watch and it was at least different to me.
of course there were some repetitive things, it’s okay because then you learn again and again.
plus, i’ve learned something new in this one that i haven’t learned in the other interviews either.
also, i just barely realized about this one. XD
plus, the MC Host seemed to be more laid-back and chill with them, and at least was frank and lighten up the mood.
also glad that the award ceremony thing was cleared up… because some people still don’t know or haven’t really grasp it.
but yeah, i do wish them the best of luck, and it seems that others are wishing them luck as well.
hmm… i also notice… when Kris speaks Mandarin, he whistles. lol
and Lay is just precious. ❤ and i don't think the MC was rude to him, because i feel that the MC can crack jokes with Lay and Lay will take it on and it won't bother him.
i'm sure the MC has been hosting for a long time, and so is able to read people… like with what he did with Kris as how he was gonna answer. XD
Chen and Xiumin also get to talk a lot, or well talk more often then in the other ones, but i wish them luck in learning Mandarin to communicate with the other fans.
i also love seeing Luhan's smiley side here, as he always seems to be amused.
as for Tao, not much, but it's still good to hear him speak and i hope to hear him sing Wang Leehom and Zhang Jie's songs though. 😀
anyways, hope for more interviews, and hopefully performances as well… because they've only performed once officially on a stage.


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