Hard to Understand

งี่เง่า เข้าใจยากฯ (Ngi Ngao Kao Jai Yaak) Hard to Understand MV

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

the title is more or less… not sure how to translate it.
anyways, it seems that RS… or Kamikaze is producing another group by the name of AB QUEEN.
a female duo with the names of nApril and nBloom, hint with their names as AB… and QUEEN i guess because they are queens or the generation? not sure.
anyways, they don’t sound that bad, but i’m surprise to see new faces, as i don’t remember them being in the Kamikaze wave…
but then again, i didn’t see nPayu or nGuy with them either… sigh… i have a feeling they left. D:
anyways, the song is good, the MV is… i dunno not feeling it. also really don’t like how they do the girls’ makeup either. -___- it’s always cakey liek.



  1. Payu was banned by RS a couple years ago because he was dating the older and controversial Yingmann. Sucks, really, because he was one of the few in Kamikaze with actual talent, while Film and Waii have had way worse scandals, but they’re still kept around.

    AB Queen already has a lot of haters from people saying they only got in cause they’re super rich, and that RS is pushing them now in hopes to sate the angry K-Otic fans and give them a “replacement.” Their debut single is only just released and they’re already pushing one of the girls in the new subunit group Seven Days 2. So we’ll see how long they last haha

    1. *screams* wtf. -____-
      i didn’t even know that, but that could explain a lot though. btw, who is this Yingmann though? o.0
      and yes, i do agree, he really had a lot of talent, and could dance, rap, and sing… he probably knew english to then? but i will agree about the scandal with those two… i just don’ get the entertainment industry. *sigh*

      and oh really, hmm, i guess i don’t know because i don’t have any Thai channels that keep me update to… or i don’t know what time they play for me to watch it, and i can’t read Thai script so yeah, don’t know much. but thanks for your information though.
      it could explain a lot on why they’re receiving a lot of hate.
      K-OTIC fans are still hurt… and having two rich girls trying to make it into the music biz… and i didn’t even know about the Seven Days 2… seriously, RS is trying a lot to push everything out, aren’t they.

      1. It was from a while ago, so I don’t really remember it, but here’s the pictures that surfaced http://news.sanook.com/gallery/gallery/801631/122073/
        Yingmann was a singer/model who I believe was somehow related to the ousted prime minister Thaksin (niece? Something like that, if I remember right), and was known for being a whirlwind, brazen party girl, and since she was much older than Payu, the pictures were kind of controversial, so RS got mad. -_-
        This was around the same time they dumped Beam and Lydia too for similar reasons, I don’t remember the exact date haha.

        I think Yingmann moved to the US, though, so not sure if she’s still with Payu, but it sucks that whatever they had ruined his career.

        And yeahh I agree, RS seems to be pushing too much too fast, they’re not putting all their effort into a group to make them worth-while, they’re just going to oversaturate the market and hurt themselves in the long run, I think

    2. wow… that’s a lot of pictures that surfaced. :O
      and wow… poor him, and i guess she too disappeared from the spotlight? and i hope he makes a comeback… but i guess he might not?
      and wait what, they dumped those two? :O
      i’m definitely behind on news. -___-
      and yes, RS should slow it down, because it seems that a lot of fans aren’t taking it likely and kindly… and it’s become very… how do you say, very cutesy and overly makeupped as of late among the female artists, but not much for the male.
      but then again, i don’t really know the association of artists under the company as they have many branches.
      just wondering, do you know much about GMM artists though?
      lately i’ve only seen soloists, as their groups/duos aren’t really doing much.

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