I Need Help, I Need Somebody Right Now… It’s Not Breathing, I Don’t Know What To Do… I Need Help!

E.R mv

video credits: DMTNofficial@youtube

but omg… watching this, i don’t care about their body or whatever, although i’m surprise that the younger ones are comfortable with showing it, because before they were all shy like, but anyways, the video just tugged at my heart strings, and the way it’s sung, the beat of it, omg, the whole arrangement and shooting, tears escaped from my eyes. i usually do not feel this way, unless it’s one of those sad tearjerkers kind of thing, but this right here… Dalmatian has done it again, and honestly, i’m happy that they’ve made a comeback, and i do hope they get more love and support. also, the distribution of the lines and what not, it’s equally fair, and the screen time is good too. but i’m just curious with the gilr neared the end, although it’s suppose to be sad… she has like this knowing smile that something is still up in the air and there’s a mystery. so i’m wondering if there’s more to Dalmatian’s comeback or something like that. but it could just be my assumption. anyways, someone said in a comment that some of the boys are sporting Mohawks in tribute to Day Day because he had a mohawk back in their last promotions. not sure if it is, but it would be a lovely gesture. also, i really like how although the guys are now dead, the nurse lady gives them a final kiss on the forehead, as it’s usually a motherly thing to do, something of comfort and affection… so yeah, that what makes me curious about her at the end. anyways, can’t wait for their comeback stages!! as well as the rest of the songs off their mini album. =]


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