[120414] Full NETEASE interview.

1 of 2 ENG SUB

2 of 2 ENG SUB

video credits: slowmitchie0723@youtube

EXO-K is also tagged and categorize is because of the MV and TEASERS that are shown. ^^” i also like the fact that every time one of the boys talk, a name comes and appear with them… but it’s only seems to be when it’s really up close on their faces. also. i like that each member gets to talk, so Chen and Xiumin have some more screen time. =] also, although the Host doesn’t really give a lot of responses, at least it seems that he’s actually listening to what they are saying and is giving a response back. and asking the questions as well, so it’s okay. and Chen is so loud every time he talks. xD i also don’t get why they have to keep putting “maknae” or “hyung” (when translating) since that’s the Korean word, they should really use the Mandarin equivalent like “xiao ge” or “da ge”… well i think they should. *shrugs* and yay for learning some more about the boys. =] although some of it is a bit repetitive, but in the end, it helps. =] and yesh, i now know what to call the “flapping pants parts” in HISTORY’s dance choreography… “shake pocket”. >D


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