[120412] EXO-M’s FULL Interview on YOUKU!~

1 of 6 ENG SUB

2 of 6 ENG SUB

3 of 6 ENG SUB

4 of 6 ENG SUB

5 of 6 ENG SUB

6 of 6 ENG SUB

video credits: shineejjang2@youtube

i haven’t watched this one yet, and i wish it was all in one go, but having parts is easier… anyways, all i know is that (from the comments) the Host (despite her voice being a bit nasally and annoying) kept everything fun and in good atmosphere. Luhan gave a birthday wish shoutout to Sehun. =] um… THSK’s Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou was playing in the background. lol and while members were talking about missing hom and what not… Xiumin talks about food. Gahlee that boy is such a ball of cuteness. haha. and the boys were also given something to eat… it’s nice seeing the boys (or any artists) eat something on shows. also… i wish EXO-M the best of luck in striving in China… as it seems that a lot of the senior and new artists don’t seem to accept them because they were produce oversea… i hope that in the end, they all are doing the same thing and that is bringing music to everyone who enjoys it. =]


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