[120408] EXO-M’s Red Carpet & MAMA performance on The 12th Mengniu Music Chart Awards Ceremony~

Red Carpet

video credits: fyeahexo@youtube
MAMA perf

video credits: namja1to4@youtube

they look really good in suits. ❤ and seeing both Tao and Kris at the of both sides while the other 4 members are in between…. they are sooo hella tall. XD have no idea what they're saying, but i find it nice, cool, an honor, not sure, that they got to do a hand print for something. ^^" as for the MAMA's performance, the video is a LQ, but still you can still make out their awesome performance, and again, there's no live singing, because… well in most performances they don't really sing live, unless it's a slow song, but in the future, hopefully i will see one. =] and i'm surprise that Tao was still able to move like that despite him being injured… he's a trooper. =']


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