What Is Love?

What Is Love KOREAN version

What Is Love MANDARIN version

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

both tracks aren’t bad, but i wanna say that i prefer the Chinese one over the Korean one, but that is just me. both D.O. and Baekhyun have good vocals, as well as Lu Han and Chen. i just wanna hear a live, as well as hear more members singing. but then again, these videos were made to showcase these 4 vocalists. =] but i gotta say that the scenery are soooo very lovely. ^^



  1. I agree, I kinda like the Chinese version more, but maybe that’s because I can understand a good chunk of it, where my Korean is non-existent. But at the same time, the Korean does have a nice rhythm to it~

    My first time listening to this group, they’re not bad :3

    1. hehe cool~ lol i can’t understand any of it. OTL but that’s the power of music. ^^V hehe hopefully though that both of them will get a lot of good exposure, but i fear that the Korean counterpart will get more love and activities than that of the Chinese counterpart, since both markets PR differently… and then there are the fans, netizens themselves. :L

      1. Oh for sure~ ^_^ There’s a lot of music in languages I don’t understand that I like purely because I like the way they sound~ Language of any kind is part of the music 😀 And some I wish I didn’t understand/find translations for because the lyrics aren’t as meaningful as I imagined LOL

        But that’s true, Korea certainly is holding the cards of the market right now, so I’m sure the Korean half will get more exposure/fans.. :/ But hopefully The Chinese counterpart could use that to market themselves too? Or something? ahaha

    2. oh i know what you mean by that. when i find the translations, the meaning of it doesn’t seem to be as what i had felt originally, so i ignore the translations and forget them so i can go back to feeling how i originally had felt. lol

      but true, hopefully that will work, a lot of fans although like both groups, a lot of the fans so far to like the members of EXO-M a lot. not sure why, but that’s what it seems like. xD but then again, i know that youtube is blocked in China (or something like that)… so i don’t know how that will work unless they go to todou, weibo, and all that other sites that i cannot access. xD

      1. Ooooo so they’re from mainland China? Dangggg, China gettin’ in on the pop scene lately!! But ooo good for them that EXO-M is getting good welcome 😀
        And yeah I’m sure their videos are posted on Youku and Tudou and other Chinese-accessible sites ~ Why market to a country only on an inaccessible website? xD Unless they hope everyone uses proxies to get around the block hahah

    3. as far as i know, some of the members were born in Mainland China, but have trained in Korea… but um, yes i’m happy that Mainland China is finally coming out with a lot of their own boy groups and they seem to be doing fine, but i read that some Taiwanese are not liking it, and even some of the Mainlanders as well. but i’m pretty happy although i’m neither. xD but yes, i thought the same about websites, and i just learned that they do have a youku. XD not sure about Tudou though.

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