My Heart Be Breakin’ & My Pain Be Creepin’.

History KOREAN version

History MANDARIN version

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

ahhh, finally i get to see all 12 of the members clearly~ finally learned who was who, although my sister has a hard time remembering the Korean members, only because they don’t have a lot of solo shots like how the Chinese members have it in their respective music videos. but i DO ADORE the FLAPPING PANTS dance part though. ;D also, both languages fit well with this song, but again, i prefer the Chinese version more… i (and my sister) just love the rapping in the Chinese version. dunno why, but that’s just how it is. =] also…i’m still iffy with the pronunciation of some of the members in EXO-M though. o.0



  1. “but i DO ADORE the FLAPPING PANTS dance part though. ;D ” LOL Girl, you’re so funny! xD I laughed out loud at that part hahaa

    Did this group just debut? Cause I seriously haven’t heard anything about them hahaha, though I don’t really follow Korean music. There’s 12 members? 6 in each half? Are they trying to market Exo-M in Taiwan or mainland/Singapore? Cause I’m thrown off by the simplified subs haha

    But I like the sound of this song, reminds me of the gold ol’ 90’s American pop! And their choreography is fun and seems different than the other masses of Kpop groups nowadays ^_^ Not a bad group, thanks for introducing them~

    1. haha, the flapping pants part is the only thing that ever comes to mind actually~ xD

      um, no the group hasn’t officially debuted yet, but they have like a lot of teasers and 2 mvs out at the moment, but no debut. they should be debuting this month or next month, not sure. and yes in total as EXO they have 12 members, but as EXO-K for Korean and EXO-M for Mandarin, they each have 6 members. as for EXO-M it’s for Mainland, but they might be marketing in Taiwan as well, i’m not sure about Singapore though. and what throws you off from the simplified subs?

      but doesn’t it, it does, so i’m happy with that fact, but not much last and they go into the future sound of music. and you are welcome~ =]

      1. Oh I was just thrown off by the simplified subs because my first assumption was that they were from Taiwan, so they should be using traditional characters, but I stand corrected! Vision Wei Chen has a Korean producer or something too, doesn’t he? I guess Korea and China are starting to work together more and more like this~ 😀

        Regardless, good luck to the boys~~

    2. ohh okay, makes sense. so Taiwan uses Traditional Characters whereas Mainland uses Simplified? but yes yes, Wei Chen is like that, as well as his junior Top Combine is the same, and others within the same company. Korea and China are working together and it’s nice. =]

      1. Yeah, the simplified characters were created/implemented during the CCP’s rise to power in the late 50s-60s in hopes that simpler characters would increase the literacy rates (though in my opinion they’re harder to remember hahaa), while Taiwan still has the traditional~ :3

        And ohh ohhhh Top Combine!!! I remember them!! Ahh, i haven’t listened to them in years! I need to look them up again! xD

    3. ahh, okay, that makes sense now when i see “simplified” and “traditional” now. thanks. =] and ahh do check them out again~ although i’m not really sure what’s happening with them now, i usually find all my information on cfensi. =]

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