some (basic) information on Project A!

LtoR: Sangmin, Ganyeng, Youngseok, Casper, Wonho & Takuya

just very, very basic info. like their names and birth year. hopefully more stuff will be revealed soon though! so i’m just gonna assume that this group will be promoting in Korea then. =]

Casper (캐스퍼) 1990/3/20 (Chinese?)
Shin Won Ho (신원호) 1991/10/23 (Korean)
Shin Wonho
Terada Takuya (테라다 타쿠야/寺田拓哉) 1992/3/28 (Japanese)
Terada Takuya
Kim Sang Min (김상민) 1992/7/7 (Korean)
Kim Sangmin
Kim Young Seok (김용석) 1993/1/8 (Korean)
Kim Youngseok
Ko Ga Nyeng (고가녕/高家宁) 1993/1/12 (Chinese)
Ko Na Nyeng
pictures re-upped by me
Official Fancafe!
credits: yumezora@tumblr


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