Several Lao Artists on ຄົນກ້າ ທ້າຊີງລາງວັນ, A Lao Game Show!

Um this is a first for me, so I’m glad to see a Lao variety game show! The show is called Khon Ga Game Ta Sing Larng Wun and it means something about testing the strength of its players. I hope to see more in the future… well it would of been easy if I could just learn how to read Lao script and what not, now that would be much easier. Anyways, there are 3 solo artists, Barbie, Tot-Lina, and Super One. Then 3 groups with a member participating, Mew of Caramel, Alee of MAZ, and Nick of XTREME. I wish for the whole clip, but just having even their cut to me is good enough. =] Well, I guess this game is just a water course they go through, since it’s summer, and it sure looks fun! Ahh so glad that Meuang Lao is expanding bit by bit. So proud to be Lao! =]

Super One

Here Super One is from Laopride and I think the host lady wants him to sing or dance, and he ends up doing a little bit of bboying after the host does a fail of beatboxing, lol. Then he goes and does the course, but fails I think on one of the course. At the end, he’s unable to complete it, but he had fun and would like to return again, but not for “swimming” lol.

Tot-Lina’s from KPY and she is singing a bit of her song, Fun Hai meaning Nightmare. She also says she wishes to reach at least the 4th course, but she’s more nervous that she’ll end up falling into the water. Also near the end, she tells people that they should come and watch the show because it’s interesting.

I don’t know much about her, but she’s from Fan Fam and she’s singing her song I believe, I need to go find it, and then she the host lady asks her how much will she complete, she says only like 2 percent. lol Before she goes, she yells out “Don’t Be Scared Now”. xD Anyways, after failing twice, and the hosts talk to her again, I can’t make out what she’s saying because it’s two low for some reason, but I think is what she thinks of the game and what not.

Nick is also from KPY and sings and dances to the chorus for a bit to the group song, Flirt. He goes, but fails twice during the first course, that one is really tricky and slippery. After failing it, he’s a little unhappy, but kind of smiling and gives out like one word response when they ask him question. lol But he’s able to smile when the lady host asked him, and then he talks about their latest tracks Bor Fair Bor Care meaning Not Fair Don’t Care.
MAZ’s Alee

Alee is from also from Laopride and dances to the group’s song One Way Ticket as the host lady sings it. lol Then she asks him either for a motto or something and he quickly replies with “Whatever You Think You Can Do It”, I think, my translation may be wrong. Anyways, he’s able to reach the 3rd course, but fails. Then the host guy asks him something, and he talks about MAZ’s new single, yet he runs out of breath because he’s tired from explaining anymore. =]
Caramel’s Mew

Mew is from Thai Valentine and talks a bit as she introduces herself. She fails the first course. The host asks her what she thinks and she says that it’s slippery. Slippery is all she can say. Then the host lady asks if she wants to come back, and she says that she would love to come back and some other stuff. Then she gives a message out to the fans and that a new Caramel single should be out soon or later, or something like that. lol
video credits: oohdi@youtube


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