Toomtam or Note for The Star 7?

I really don’t follow this and just wait until my sister tells me the new people of The Star, which is on its 7th season and is something like American Idol, but these people sing more than once and do like a “concert” showcasing their singing and what not. Also, if you’re even associate with the show and have gotten eliminated, you are still consider by other companies to join theirs and have your own debut. Also the “the Star” title follows you too. Like if you name was let’s say Vicky, and you participated in The Star, but didn’t win and blah blah, you would now be called Vicky the Star, and etc. I think that’s how it works, because many have tried out for The Star who didn’t win, but have came out with songs. (although my thing is called Ky the Star, I’m not associated, I just liked the idea of it and went with it. xD) I only was able to watch the near ending and now it’s on its 2 finalist, Toomtam (the guy) and Note (the girl), and who’s the winner, I’m not sure, can’t find a clip for that, but I think it should be up soon. Anyways, the two talk near the ending after they perform and talk about that it was fun doing this and that their thankful for participating and thank all the people to give them a chance and I think they talk about not forgetting about one another if the other wins or something like that. Anyways, I don’t know who I want to win because both Toomtam and Note have amazing vocals and different styles. Also, I will upload more of the others for TS7. C:

The Star 7 – The 2 Finalists

video credits: darkmonkey12


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