Sao Chai Hi-Tech (Hi-Tech Maid) 2010 Thai Drama Review

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video credits: Anonymousblue2001@youtube

Honestly, I’ve only watch this in and out when my sister was watching this. I really wanted to watch this at first, but it wasn’t really that interesting for me, so I just saw bits here and there and my sister gave me a summer on some of the parts that I’ve missed.

Anyways, the Pra’Nang in here are Om Akkaphan Namart as Nol and Jui Warattaya Nilkuha as Reuangrin or Rin. Rin is a girl that becomes a servant in the house of her friend, whose grandmother wants her to help her grandson become himself again and what not. Nol, the grandson, is all brooding and withdrawn from everyone because of his fiancee walking out on him or something like that. No one besides Rin’s best friend and the Grandmother know about Rin. Not the mom, the pra’ek, or even the servants.

Soon, Jui’s character finally gets him to have a clean shaven face, start eating with the family, and working at the the family business. Some stuff start happening and the two are always together, because the Grandmother told Rin to be around him all the time and what not, despite Nol’s mom disliking Rin.

So of course, with some good, entertaining things happening in this drama, there has to be some bad people and hateful scenes. Like the fiancee coming back because she needs money. Rin’s best friend and her boyfriend are slowly starting to fall for one another, although Rin herself kind of notices it, but she too is falling out of love with her boyfriend and falling for the main guy. The Grandmother having some health issue. Some other girl that wants to go after Nol and yada yada.

It’s not bad of a drama, it’s just very long and laggy for me, but if you want to see Jui’s crazy, but funny antics, do watch it, and if you wanna see Om looking all mighty and fine, then do watch it. If you just want something to watch and need some entertainment, then this one works well too. lol

if you take this and put it somewhere else, please credit me or just link back. no claiming as your own. C:



  1. Hey I watched it and it’s not subbed anymore and I was wondering where can I watch the rest of it Subbed?

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