lol, more KPOP boys to DEBUT! <3

All right, so a lot of girl groups has debuted, and I’ve enjoyed it. But now i’m really looking forward to all the boy groups debuting though. lol couldn’t find anything about DSP Ent’s new boy group, except they’re called for now SS502 or something like that, (edit: A-JAX) so i cannot wait for that. xD So check out some of the stuff below!

X-5 (Open World Ent)

G.IAM (Gepetto Theatre)

Boyfriend (Starship Ent)

Bang Yongguk of B.A.P (TS Ent)

ZICO & Park Kyung of Block B (Cho.PD)

Cho Jino (not debuting in EXO, when will he debut?)

NU’EST (Pledis Ent)

video credits: OPENWORLDent&TheFreedommk&luvluvluv001&4everKPOPgirl01


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