Jao Sao Rim Tang (Roadside Bride) Thai Drama Review


credits: Anonymousblue2001@youtube

This lakorn was pretty good, although it didn’t really have much of my interest since I only watched it whenever my sister was watching it and I would come in and out of it, or my sister would inform me on what had happened so far. Anyways, the Pra’Nang in this drama is Stephan Santi Visabooonchai as Akrin, the male lead, and Poo Praiya Soandokmai as Rasa, the female lead.

Jao Sao Rim Tang, or Roadside Bride, is about Stephan’s character that needs to find a bride and get married so that he would inherit the business, M Fitness, from his grandfather, but he’s not the only one that wants the business either. His sister played by Prae Emery, also wants the business, but she too has to find a husband and get married to obtain it. So the two siblings are in competition in finding a spouse to get M Fitness.

So this is where Poo’s character, Rasa comes in. Her character is almost the same in Dok Bua Kao, except she has a foster mom and foster sister, but she’s still treated badly. Anyways, the N’Ek works at M Fitness as a trainer so she can make money to pay off her mother’s debt and bills, I think, not sure. This is where Akrin and Rasa meet and Akrin hits on her and asking her many questions, but Rasa isn’t like that and rejects all of his offers.

Later on, some stuff happens, and the two agree on a contract of getting married for only a year and then divorcing after that year is over. Akrin offers her 2 million baht ($66,766 USD), 1 million at the beginning and the other 1 million afterwards if she agrees to this marriage. Rasa accepts because she needs the money, and so a fake marriage contract begins.

Although Akrin’s sister marries too, I think around the same time, she doesn’t really get the whole ownership of business, because I think she’s a female and Akrin is a male, so yeah, but later on, the grandfather gives her husband some of the ownership for some reason. Also Prae’s husband, played by Nam Rapeepat Eakpankul, is your bad guy kind of character and a close friend of the P’Ek as well, but the two start to bicker. He seems nice at the beginning, but his true colors start to show when he becomes greedy and envious of Stephan’s character because he too has an interest in Rasa, and tries to sabotage the main guy and sleeps with another woman as well.

Anyways, a lot of drama just starts to happen, as Akrin’s mother hates Rasa and wants her son to marry Nampetch, played by Bee Matika Atthakornsiripo, who he had an off and on relationship for more than 6 years. Rasa’s little sister gets involved, as well as three other trainers from M Fitness, and another proposal from the grandfather where he wants a great-grandchild, and many things from there on.

So yeah, that’s pretty much how it is. I really just hate Poo’s crying all the time in this drama and her not being able to say anything out of defense because she’s thinking of other reasons and blah. Another thing is that Stephan looks mighty fine in here, especially with his little mustache and goatee going on. I also think that these two look quite cute together too and I hope they appear in another drama together, but hopefully with different character backgrounds.

you can read the synopsis where i read it here.

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  1. but, do you have any any site that where i can download it? i wanna download from viki but, it dont provided with the sub ><

    1. i’m sorry. i do not know a site that will have the eng sub for it. honestly, although the dramas are sub, but it’s never hardsub for download.

  2. hye there !!! i’m sorry for disturbing you but, i really-really need help >< i wanna watch jao sao rim tang with eng sub but, i havent find any. can you help me??

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