List of Thai Dramas/Movies to Watch


  • Din Nam Lom Fai (BORAN)
  • Bantek Ruk Superstar
  • Ruk Pathiharn
  • Likit Fah Cha Ta Din
  • Sorry Saranghaeyo (Kao Ruk Tee Korea)
  • The White Monkey Warrior
  • Chun Ruk Tur Na
  • Chocolate 5 Reudoo
  • Woon Nuk Ruk Tem Barn
  • Pan Rak Pan Rai (2013)
  • Doke Soke (2013)

  • Jai Diew
  • Plerng Prom
  • Bo Bay
  • Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed
  • Meua Nang
  • Gor Pid Jet See (BORAN)
  • Robot Yord Ruk
  • Hua Jai Rai Mon La Pid
  • Loma Klah Tah Fun
  • Muad Ohpas
  • Big Boy
  • SuckSeed
  • First Love 2: The Sequel – 9 Years Gone
  • Friendship
  • Love Summer
  • 4 Romance
  • Friends Never Die
  • Love Julinsee
  • Ka Neung Ha
  • 4 Roon 4 Woon
  • Suan Aharn Baun Jai
  • Rak Sud TEEN
  • Home: Love, Happiness, Remembrance
  • The Roommate
  • “Ghost’s Days” Ghost Adventures
  • Jolly Ranger
  • The Dumber Heroes
  • HOLIC: True Love
  • 30+ Single Waiting For Real Love
  • Sood Hua Jai Jao Cha Tewada
  • Sarm Noom Nuer Tong
  • Tom Yum Goong 2
  • Chocolate 2
  • Somtum
  • Gerd Ma Lui
  • Khon Bin Fai
  • Khon Bin Ma
  • Look Nee Tee Ruk

  • Mia Taeng 2o11 *Review Here*
  • Mia Mai Chai Mia *Review Coming Soon*
  • Rabum Duang Dao *Review Here*
  • Bla Boo Tong 1994 (BORAN) *Review here*
  • Dok Bua Kao *Review Here*
  • Jao Sao Rim Tang *Review Here*
  • Sao Chai Hi-Tech 2o1o *Review Here*
  • Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying *Review Coming Soon*
  • 5 Huajai Hero (Power Kids) *Review Here*
  • Chocolate (Fury) *Review Here*
  • Jeeja Deu Suay Doo (Raging Phoenix) *Review Here*
  • B.K.O (Bangkok Knock Out) *Review Coming Soon*
  • Sing Leklek Tee Reak Wa… Rak (First Love: A Little Thing Called Love) *Review Here*
  • Hello Stranger *Review Here*
  • Rak Haeng Sayam *Review Here*
  • Pid Term Yai…Hua Jai Wah Woon (Hormones) *Review Coming Soon*
  • Nook Liam Petch *Review Coming Soon*
  • Dek Pee Du 2002 Sop (The Unborn Child) *Review Coming Soon*
  • The Melody *Review Coming Soon*
  • The Kick *Review Coming Soon*
  • Bangkok Kung Fu *Review Coming Soon*
  • Krai Thong (BORAN) *Review Coming Soon*
  • The Bodyguard *Review Coming Soon*


  1. I`m looking for the drama chocolate 5 reudoo, and I want to know where I can download it with subtitles in english Can you help me please?…….

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